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Tifdwarf has been one of the most commonly used varieties for putting greens in the southeast for over 40 years.

There are many existing golf courses with greens planted in Tifdwarf but it is rarely used in new course construction due to the popularity of new ultradwarf grasses like MiniVerde. Tifdwarf is fine bladed, dark green in color and has good rooting capabilities. Like most bermudagrasses Tifdwarf requires aggressive cultural practices such as verticutting, aerifying and topdressing to control excessive thatch. Tifdwarf has the ability to handle low mowing heights as long as the above cultural practices are being performed regularly.

Tifdwarf is an excellent Grass Type but below you will find a comparison image to the MiniVerde.  

MiniVerde™ has been the #1 rated bermudagrass for putting greens in the NTEP trials the past several years.

This ultra dwarf provides an excellent putting surface with fine leaf blades, short internodes and high shoot density. MiniVerde is dark green in color and exhibits excellent low temperature color retention. Its versatility permits MiniVerde to be mowed at collar height as well, letting the superintendent battle encroachment issues on the edge of the collar instead of the green. Most of all, MiniVerde is simply easier to manage. Unlike other ultradwarfs, MiniVerde produces deep roots and is quick to recover from cultural practices, allowing the superintendent to manage it like Tifdwarf while achieving a tighter, faster, and consistent putting surface second to none.


The fact is Common Centipede has weaker growth characteristics than TifBlair, particularly in less than ideal soils and colder climates. Certified TifBlair is the product of over 25 years of genetic engineering by the University of Georgia Coastal Plains Experiment Station specifically designed to overcome these problems.

Research has shown, TifBlair has exceptional cold tolerance, increased fall color retention, and developes a deep rooting system even in poor growing condition. Additionally, TifBlair can only be sold by a select group of licensed Certified producers in each state.

Accept nothing but the best for your landscape project, specifiy certified TifBlair Centipede.



SeaDwarf ™ is easily the best looking warm season grass on the market today. It can be used on golf courses, athletic fields, commercial and residential lawns.

SeaDwarf can be mowed at heights from 1/10” up to about 3” making it an ideal choice for golf courses looking to manage just one grass – thus avoiding all encroachment issues. Its natural striping and superior playability offers both a visually stunning and enjoyable playing surface. SeaDwarf has an aggressive lateral growth habit which allows it to recover faster from sports related viagra wear like divots and constant traffic. SeaDwarf ’s ability to use less nitrogen, handle varying water sources, and adapt to a wide range of soils makes it the most environmentally friendly turfgrass available today.

St. Augustine


Zeon zoysia is truly, “Barefoot Grass”.  This fine-textured progeny came from selections collected by USDA research geneticist Jack Murray in Kobe, Japan. Zeon was developed for the purpose of providing the turfgrass industry with a user friendly, superior fine-bladed zoysia with increased 
shade tolerance, low incidence of thatch production and an accelerated rate of spread.

Although Zeon has become the number one choice for zoysiagrass golf course fairways, it has also established itself within landscape construction circles as a much sought after premium home lawn selection. This is due to its extremely low maintenance and fertility requirements. Zeon can be easily maintained using any standard rotary type lawnmower.